Global Blockchain Summit Announces Erika Beerbower

Clinical pharmacy professional and blockchain/AI enthusiast. Background in hospital and IV pharmacy with a 10 year history maintaining and creating clinical content as a drug information pharmacist for IBM Micromedex. AI experience includes certifications and providing clinical training for Watson. Blockchain experience includes certifications, development of course content and educational materials, literature review and evaluation, speaking engagements, and serving as a subject matter expert for IBM Watson Health on blockchain in healthcare. Currently serving as the ambassador for the Colorado chapter of Blockchain in Healthcare today, an international peer-review open-access journal dedicated to blockchain and converging technologies in healthcare. Passionate about new technology that can restructure and bring collaboration to our current system, reduce waste and inefficiencies, and improve care for all.

Specialties include: Content management, drug informatics, literature analysis, quality of evidence ratings, statistics, clinical terminology, pharmacogenomics, clinical pharmacy, IV pharmacy, pharmaceutical industry, research, writing, editing, distributed ledger technology, AI, blockchain in healthcare, Hyperledger, cryptocurrency, tokenomics.