9:45 AM - 10:10 AM

Accenture-Re-Inventing the Global Value Chain to Unlock Trapped Value

How can we unlock trapped value in global trade? This talk takes a look at how the new data sharing models with Blockchain allow you to rethink the complexity of our value chains today and what they may look like in the near future. We examine the facets and flaws of current systems, exploring how major players both old and new are bidding to power a new wave of frictionless business and gain access to lucrative new markets. The movement we are seeing today presents a huge opportunity to grow businesses but also introduces a significant threat to anyone who fails to move with the times. Join this session to learn how new technology is enabling Corporations, Logistics Providers, and Financial Institutions to move to new business models and address a multi trillion dollar gap in the trade market.

Melanie Cutlan / Managing Director, Accenture