3:20pm - 3:50pm

Frank Ricotta-Blockchain and The Health Singularity

The convergence of digital health innovations, the amazing strides in precision medicine, and the rapid acceleration of machine intelligence will usher in a new age in health. One in which health and wellness services are tailored precisely to you based on your unique genomic, proteomic, medical and lifestyle profile. This is the Health Singularity. Data about you – what you do, how you feel, where you live and what you eat – makes the Health Singularity possible. Yet, we as individuals often can’t get to our own data, have trouble understanding it, and can’t control who uses it. Even businesses that would greatly benefit from it to provide you with better care or discover new cures have a difficult time accessing it. The healthcare industry is in critical need of a secure and open data platform to solve this problem. A platform where individuals can access and control their own data. One that enables people and businesses to engage directly with each other – where people can share their data with businesses and researchers in areas that interest them, and one where businesses can partner with each other to access and share data without compromising the security, privacy and control of the people represented by that data. There is only one technology capable of providing the foundational building blocks to achieve this vision… blockchain.

Frank Ricotta / CEO and Impact Entrepreneur

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