11:30am - 12:00pm

Manny Puentes – How Blockchain Will Transform Digital Advertising

Reducing Fraud & Increasing Transparency: How Blockchain Will Transform Digital Advertising
While blockchain is currently too slow to support the real-time requirements of digital advertising, the industry is already taking a serious look at blockchain technology as a solution to the industry’s many fraud and transparency problems. A few startup companies in the space have already had ICOs including the Basic Attention Token by Brave, a browser-based solution with attention as a currency, and MetaX, a smart-contract based verification system, while other large companies like Comcast have also put resources behind initial research. This talk will address the different ways blockchain is currently being applied in digital advertising, what steps still need to happen for it to become a larger part of advertising‘s infrastructure, and how these challenges and solutions will also eventually affect other industries.
Manny Puentes / Founder and CEO Rebel AI