11:00 AM - 11:20 AM

Michael Cushman – The Strategic Futurist

The future changes fast. It’s tough to keep up. Many feel overwhelmed and unsure. It is easy to become a dinosaur in our lifetimes. In our new reality, how do you leverage your talents and do great things? To stay ahead, you need uncommon power. True?

THE Skill and Competitive Advantage of the 21st Century is foresight. Foresight enables you to anticipate the future before everyone else. When you act strategically with the future, you invest boldly, confidently, and wisely in your future self. How will your life change when you know the Future?

The truth is that although many think the future is chaotic, predicting the future has never been easier (for the trained mind).

Sr. Fellow, Board Member, and Director of Consulting at The DaVinci Institute, a Futurist Think Tank.

I speak on the strategic implications of technological innovations for a variety of industries and associations, coach professionals facing uncertain career choices, teach non-executives how to think like a futurist so they aren’t blindsided, and consult with executive teams to align their strategies, products, and services with unstoppable future-facts.

Previously I’ve led many strategic and transformational engagements as a Business Consultant, IT Executive, and software product innovator throughout my career, from the Fortune 500 to multiple Tech startups. I have won product-of-the-year awards, have earned patents in learning, and have developed consulting methodologies for a half-dozen firms, as well as coached and mentored 100s of clients. I enjoy ballroom dancing and living in an Airstream at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Life is good!

Michael Cushman