3:50pm - 4:25pm

Scott Nelson-Supply Chains: the Original Blockchains

The economic transformation of Blockchain is going to be driven by supply chain. While evolving Fin-Tech is very important, the $54 trillion global supply chain and logistics market offers even greater opportunities. Blockchain use cases for supply chain are concerned with the creation of value in terms of design, production and delivery of goods to meet customer needs. The outcomes in this space are reflected in terms that affect the GDP and GNP of nations. But what is even more interesting is that supply chains have essentially operated as decentralized economic organizations for centuries. The implications of bringing Blockchain technology forward to increase liquidity, free up working capital and ease settlement in today’s global supply chains cannot be ignored. Faster, fairer and more flexible trade will benefit world economies, and the people working within them.

Scott Nelson / Founder & CEO, Sweetbridge

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