12:40 PM - 1:40 PM

Cam Turner-Stanford University ICO Discussion

Stanford alumni are well known for their entrepreneurial tilt – if Stanford were a country, the revenues generated by its alumni companies would grant it the 5th highest GDP in the world. Part of this success comes from the network of Stanford affiliates that form a decentralized trust network: every member benefits from the expertise of others and is willing to help those within the network.

As blockchain evolved, we identified a unique opportunity to digitize the analog networks of trust that already span the Stanford community. The result was FounderBit, a coalition of companies out of Stanford that support each other in their ICOs. FounderBit itself will ICO this fall with a token that enables holders to access current and future ICO events out of the Stanford startup ecosystem.

In this panel Cam Turner, co-founder of FounderBit, will moderate a panel discussion to explore the opportunities, challenges and pitfalls of running an ICO with other Stanford-affiliated founders experienced in ICOs.  They will share their experiences and lessons learned along the way, and more generally address the potential of building a community within the context of blockchain.

Cam Turner / FounderBit

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