Custom Challenge Coins No Minimum

Custom Challenge Coins No Minimum

Buying custom challenge coins no minimum from a reputable and experienced challenge coins company can be a memorable and extraordinarily meaningful gift for any person in your life. However, this one of a kind gift does require some effort on your part. With challenge coins, you’re not able to go into a shop and pick out a one of a kind customized token for your loved one like you do other gifts. Here are some tips for designing the perfect challenge coin.


There are many different sizes of challenge coins, and your imagination only limits you. However, if you plan to gift the recipient with more challenge coins for additional milestones in the future, choosing a size that’s small enough that they can carry multiple coins without being burdensome would be a wise choice. Many people also choose to carry them in their wallets or pockets, so having a smaller size would be wise in this instance as well.


There is a wide variety of shapes available for challenge coins. In addition to the most popular round shape for challenge coins, you may be able to choose from stars, octagons, rectangles, dog tag-shaped, and more. In addition to these unique shapes, a custom challenge coins no minimum company may be able to incorporate your coins into items like bottle openers to add an element of usefulness.


Many people are unaware that there are several metal finishes to choose from when designing custom challenge coins. Shiny finishes can give a coin a regal look that pops with color, while antique finishes can highlight text and pay homage to specific eras. One trend in coin design that’s becoming more popular is two-tone finishes, where two different metal finishes are used to create a unique and beautiful look.

Specialty Edges

Add some unique dimension and texture to your coin with a specialty edge. Here are some of the different edge styles to pick from:

  • Diamond edge
  • Swirl edge
  • Wave edge
  • Petal edge
  • Reeded edge

Take a look at our website and see what each of these styles looks like. Challenge coins are something the recipient will carry with them throughout their lives and even something as minor as the edge of a coin can have an effect on the design and feel of the coin. Plus, you want your coin to be just perfect and different edge styles will give the coins a distinct look.

Addon Options

Many companies offer additional features for customization to make your perfect gift even better. You can order epoxy coatings, text around the edge of the coin, custom engraving, photo inserts, and even more. Talk to the company you’re working with to see if they offer any special display options as well.

Challenge coins are a tremendous gift for the person in your life who deserves to be celebrated. Whether they’ve just graduated from high school or college, retired from the military, or just joined the military, or the fire or police departments, designing custom challenge coins no minimum from a company like LT’s Challenge Coins that have been doing this work for years is an excellent choice.

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Custom Challenge Coins No Minimum Custom Challenge Coins No Minimum
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