Brian Baker

Managing Partner, rebelV2

Brian is a senior executive on the cutting-edge of hardware/software design. He is a tireless evangelist for products that resonate with consumers and build brands.

Brian brings expert level experience in human-centered design, innovation discovery, agency/team management, software and hardware development/manufacturing, launch and brand strategy.

At RebelV2, they build bespoke teams to manage software/web/app designs at the highest level.  Their innovations can be seen in telematics, logistics, banking, general web, ecommerce, mobile, CRM, ERP and automotive/television interfaces.  RebelV2’s clients in software include Chase, Home Depot, Ikea, Toyota, CNN, Reuters, LG, Spotify, GlobalTranz, et al.

From automotive to cell phones, RebelV2’s process brings innovation to hardware – our designs are now for sale in over 80 countries worldwide with several Red Dot and ‘Best of’ awards across the industry. Clients in consumer electronics include Disney, Kyocera, LG, Genie, Target, Sony, Honda, et al.

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