Chris Gabriel

Founder, Hyperchain Labs

Chris Gabriel is the founder and CEO of Hyperchain Labs. Chris founded the company in early
2018 after seeing the potential for distributed ledger technologies such as blockchain to drive
massive efficiency gains that would allow at least some of the business benefits to accrue to all
of the participants on the blockchain network. Chris has written several papers on how non-
technical professionals can help drive blockchain adoption in their companies, and why smart
contracts will probably not allow you to get rid of your legal team any time soon. A software
engineer by discipline, Chris has spent over 25 years working on the business side of some of
the largest industries, such as Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Agriculture, and LNG prior to founding
Hyperchain Labs. Chris welcomes all invitations to connect on LinkedIn.

About Hyperchain Labs: Hyperchain Labs built and conducted the first ever smart contract
transaction on an Oil & Gas blockchain based on Hyperledger Fabric (Truck Ticketing use case
for Produced Water Hauling and Crude Oil Run Ticketing). Conference attendees can interact
with this live blockchain network and accompanying mobility application at the Hyperchain Labs
networking table.