Emily ShapeShift

Chief Marketing Officer, ShapeShift

Emily ShapeshiftEmily is the CMO of ShapeShift AG, one of the world’s leading digital asset exchanges. With over a decade working in marketing and public relations, she has worked within various verticals including hospitality and tourism, food and beverage and most prominently, startup fintech and blockchain technologies. She has also managed and led many award-winning communication teams across multiple sectors.

Emily first began working in the Bitcoin and blockchain space in 2014, when she joined Bitcoin Entrepreneur Erik Voorhees to lead marketing and public relations efforts for ShapeShift.io. As it was her first foray into the blockchain and fintech space, she dove headfirst into learning and devouring all things crypto, and has been enamored with the industry ever since.

Originally from South Carolina, Emily began her career focusing on hospitality & tourism marketing and public relations, boasting some of the Southeast’s most prominent restaurants and destination tourism providers on her client list.

Prior to ShapeShift AG, Emily worked in South Carolina and Colorado with a focus on destination tourism marketing and PR, as well as tech startup consulting and advisory work. She is a graduate of College of Charleston, where she studied journalism and public relations.

Emily is passionate about blockchain technologies, as well as empowering women and minorities to get more engaged and involved within the space.

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Women in Blockchain Panel

I am passionate about spreading diversity within the space and truly feel as a new industry we have the chance to move out of the traditional tech mold and promote hiring qualified individuals of all races and sexes. Furthermore, it’s not about who you are but what you can do as well as all individuals in the space taking the time to help others who want to be in the space. These are a lot of the things I like to touch on these types of panels.