Kylen McClintock

Co-Founder, B4SD, Product Manager at Flux IoT

I Co-Founded Blockchain for Sustainable Development ( to promote UN Sustainable Development goal attainment through applications of Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies. I also run Proof of Impact at Flux, A distributed network for environmental data collection, storage, and intelligence. He has created the Proof of Impact Canvas as a new way to approach market design that internalizes externalities, and to create currencies backed by provable impact.

What Drives Me?
I am eternally curious. I love diving deep into a problem others have abandoned. I approach everything with the mindset that there exists a process for everything in life to make us more impactful and efficient than before. I view myself as a work in progress and continue to always seek new inputs to challenge myself daily to improve my process stack, skill sets, relationships, and knowledge of the world. I love working with Entrepreneurs, Creatives, and Engineers bringing products to market that have positive social and environmental impact.

If your team is creating something groundbreaking, having the potential to improve the state of the world, I want to know about it. Share your story with me and I would be happy to offer my creativity, energy, and startup experience to make it happen.