Michael DiPetrillo

Senior Director of Blockchain Technologies at VMware
Presentation Information
Blockchain – Past, Present, and Future

During this talk we’ll take a look at where blockchain has been, the state of the art right now, and what the future holds. Particular attention will be paid to what’s needed for wide-scale enterprise adoption into true production environments at scale. Some of the talk will focus on industry solutions and some will focus on the work coming from the academic and research community.

Mike DiPetrillo is the Senior Director of Blockchain Technologies at VMware. In his most recent role he is responsible for advancing the innovations that VMware has made in blockchain with customers, partners, and through open standards. Mike has a long history of developing and launching new, industry changing initiatives at VMware including the initial launch of x86 virtualization with ESX, the initial launch of cloud technologies, cloud-based lab solutions with the VMware Learning Platform, and now blockchain. Prior to VMware Mike spent his time launching the first global VoIP networks, the first global search engines, and many other interesting technologies. When he’s not developing something new at VMware you can find Mike flying, golfing, or spending time at the beach.