Rick Cranston

Vice President of Innovation and Product Development

Rick Cranston serves as the COO for CULedger. Rick was one of the co-founders of the national CULedger Blockchain consortia, one of the largest blockchain consortia’s in the world, representing over 70 organizations in the domestic U.S. and Canada. He has been a lead contributor and driver for the CULedger initiative since its inception. Additionally, the CULedger initiative includes many of the largest CUSOs in the credit union industry. Rick has recently assumed the role of Chief Operating Officer for CULedger on a full-time basis.

Presentation Information
Self-Sovereign Identity and the Game it’s Changing

Digital identity is one of the oldest and hardest problems on the Internet. Even after 30 years, we still have no way to present digital credentials to prove our online identity the same way we do in the physical world. This is finally changing. First, the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is standardizing the format of digitally-signed credentials. Secondly, blockchains can provide decentralized registration and discovery of the public keys needed to provide digital signatures. These two steps pave the way to establish a global public utility for self-sovereign identity—lifetime portable digital identity that does not depend on any central authority and can never be taken away. The Sovrin Network has been designed exclusively for this purpose. CULedger has identified Sovrin as the foundational technology allowing a world wide industry of over 235 million members to “know who you are”.