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2018 Global Blockchain Summit Schedule

Conference Schedule

7:00 AM - 8:00 AM

Grab some coffee and sign in for the kickoff of our Global Blockchain Conference!

John Carpenter / Global Blockchain Summit Co-Chair
9:00 AM - 9:40 AM

What if your food, your beauty products or your prescriptions could talk? Tell you where they came from, and where they’ve been? Who had access? If they had been tampered with? If your food was spoiled? If your pharma product was counterfeit and contained banned contents? Xerox’s VP of Customer Experience Eric Weaver will talk about Xerox’s foray into the world of products, packaging and public ledgers – how we sorted through the various flavors of blockchain to find technologies that enable consumers to engage with products in completely new ways, and are working to build full transparency into their provenance. Attendees will walk away with a better understanding of how to build trust via CX, use cases for innovative engagement and packaging technologies, and how to sort the technological wheat from the chaff.

Eric Weaver / Weaver Global Advisory

During this talk we'll take a look at where blockchain has been, the state of the art right now, and what the future holds. Particular attention will be paid to what's needed for wide-scale enterprise adoption into true production environments at scale. Some of the talk will focus on industry solutions and some will focus on the work coming from the academic and research community.

Michael DiPetrillo / VMware, Senior Director of Blockchain Technologies

Blockchain technology will have a major impact across many industries including  government, finance and supply chain management. Over $10 Billion...

Peter Hunn
12:00 Noon- 12:40 PM

Panel Discussion

Various Speakers / Cryptocurrency Community
2:40pm - 3:20pm

Future megatrends and emerging technologies are blockchain, AI, autonomous cars, drones, 3Dprinters and CRISPER and biotechnology. Among the megatrends, some 30 industries that blockchain will disrupt are : nation states, parliament, banking, foreign currency markets, universities, department stores, etc. Also why South & North Korea are not hot places for blockchain technology.

Youngsook Park / Global ICO Association Co-Chair
3:40pm - 4:20pm

1. What do you think is the current position of the SEC on ICOs? 2. What are some of the...

Various Speakers

As a full-time Dash Core Team member, I get paid in Dash, and have had to resolve a lot of painful economic shifts while integrating a 100% crypto-salary into my formerly corporate-developer conditioned lifestyle. Also I have spent a lot of time analyzing the pains of the "on and off ramps" of crypto. I'll share with you the perspectives of living on a crypto-salaray, in a crypto-world, before crypto gets mainstream. I'll also muse with how on decades of software development and "growing up with the internet" parallels with the world of crypto, and cultural and economic developments that I believe we can expect in the coming years and decades.

Chuck Williams / Dash

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) decided as of January 1, 2018, to start an initiative around blockchain technology. These IEEE initiatives focus on advancing technology for humanity, and are founded on the belief that the IEEE can help foster and lead developing technologies to improve them, and help strengthen their applications. The IEEE believes that blockchain will be a very important technology to advance its mission, so has created an initiative focused on developing blockchain technologies through six pillars: education, publication, community development, special projects, conferences and events, and standards. In this talk, I will discuss each of these efforts, with the activities we have identified to work on in each. I expect attendees will away with knowledge to help them understand a few things including what is the IEEE doing that might influence what they are doing, how can they gain advantage from these opportunities, and how can they further the efforts that they wish to.

Jason Rupe / Vice Chair, IEEE Blockchain Colorado

Josh Finkleman, Managing Partner of Colorado Blockchain Capital, will speak about how to get smart about investing in cryptocurrencies. The conversation will include:

1) Why invest in cryptocurrencies? How is the value of crypto derived?

2) How do I know what to buy? Things to pay attention to, ICOs, and building your portfolio.

3) Where can I buy cryptocurrencies? An overview of the various exchanges.

4) How do you store cryptocurrencies? Various storage options and liquidity.

5) Q&A

Josh Finkleman / Managing Partner, Colorado Blockchain Capital, LLC
10:00am - 10:40am

1. What can be done to bring more women and thought leaders into the Blockchain community? 2. How do you...

Various Speakers / Women in Blockchain Panel
2:40 PM - 3:00 PM
Phil Elsasser / CTO and Co-Founder, Market Protocol

With a promise of increased transparency and security, the concepts behind blockchain have quickly gained adoption in the digital advertising industry. However, the hurdles to actual implementation have been--and will continue to be--more economic- and social-driven than technological. To get further faster, Manny Puentes, Founder and CEO of Rebel AI, will talk about how to approach adoption in phases, rooted in identity, consensus, and currency. The talk will also focus on how advertising is approaching the technology today and how the blockchain-based roadmap will evolve by 2020.

Manny Puentes / Founder & CEO, Rebel AI

Blockchain software underlies the movement behind transforming software and finances as we know it.  But what constitutes a “Blockchain” in...

James Barry / CTO & Co-Founder, DCNTRAL