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2019 Global Blockchain Summit Schedule

Conference Schedule

Join us to kickoff the Fall Global Blockchain Summit

John Carpenter & Hans Hultgren / Global Blockchain Summit Co-Chairs
9:00 AM - 9:30 AM

Blockchain software underlies the movement behind transforming software and finances as we know it.  But what constitutes a “Blockchain” in 2019 and how does it work?  What options do you have to build on a Blockchain that allows for immutable transactions, consensus mechanisms and a distributed ledger?

James Barry / Co-Founder of Taekion

Topics for this exciting panel discussion will include: Digital Token Act rule-making Policy and regulatory clarity surrounding Securities Laws, Money...

Colorado Securities Panel / Colorado Securities Panel

Join the Governors newly appointed State Blockchain Leaders Russell Castanargo, Thaddeus Batt, and Forrest Senti from the National Cybersecurity center...

Colorado Blockchain Innovation Panel

BlockApps is a rapidly growing Haskell-based blockchain infrastructure company. BlockApps' platform targets the Ethereum protocol to enable the delivery of Blockchain based applications and services. Our platform is powering solutions across many business verticals including Financial Services, Insurance, Energy and Healthcare.
BlockApps is seeking exceptionally talented engineers to round its founding team. These roles are fast-paced and multi-faceted: the tremendous business growth we are experiencing necessitates an ability to deliver solutions to complex technological problems across a variety of business use cases. We are seeking generalists with proven delivery ability and the desire to learn an exciting and novel set of technologies, ideas and paradigms.

Kieren James Lubin / President-BlockApps

We will discuss the growing risks around food safety and how blockchain is allowing brands to demonstrate proof of origin,...

Eric Weaver / CEO and co-founder of Transparent Path

Peter Hunn, Founder of Clause.IO discusses all of the latest innovations in natural language smart contracting that Clause.IO has been...

James Barry / CTO & Co-Founder, Taekion

What are the latest blockchain innovations that have come out of various protocols during the past year, including proof-of-concepts that...

Innovation Panel-Pawel Mastalerz, Donald Thibeau, Ryan Bennett, Thomas Wendling, Brennan Bennett

JP Batra goes beyond the hype and myths, and delves into blockchain’s interworking and it’s transformational effects. Blockchain technology is...

Michael Cushman
3:40 PM - 4:00 PM

Exploring the latest cross border impacts in the Blockchain space.

Will Madden - Bridge 21
4:10pm - 4:30pm

Exploring how blockchain as a service is emerging.

Steven Dobesh / Co-Founder and President at True Tickets
3:00 PM - 3:50 PM

Explore all of the latest innovations around IBM’s blockchain-as-a-service offering, based on the open-source framework, Hyperledger Fabric.

Horea Porutiu / IBM Cloud Developer Advocate - Blockchain