Global Blockchain Announces JP Batra

Blockchain Advisor, Interim CTO for mid-market and high growth companies and Functional Executive/Portfolio/Product Management for large corporations. Expert at emerging technologies, strategic initiatives implementations and value creation.

A distinguished innovator thought leader, and visionary B2T strategist, I break barriers and pave transformational paths utilizing cutting-edge technologies. I influence the way people think and how organizations operate. I shape progressive cultures and amplify business agility, providing corporations with a competitive advantage.

I scale startup companies and I take them to the next level by applying the discipline & strategy of large corporations and nimbleness of medium-sized companies,

Leading engagements with C-level executives, Boards, and stakeholders, I fuel innovation and champion change impacting the decisions they make. My 20+ year background spans the acceleration of sustainable business growth, driving operational efficiencies, develop teams, and creating revenue-generating opportunities.

Notable Career Achievements:
• Positioning clients at the forefront of emerging tech by developing and rolling out contemporary products and services.
• Disrupt DSL broadband markets using emerging tech-based nimble e-commerce platform seizing broadband market share for the cable industry.
• Scale Startup to next level slashing market launch time of 45 days per market to simultaneous launches in multiple markets using emerging tech and employee engagement. The company was acquired.
• Revitalize struggling revenue and potentially stock impacting international credit card launches for Fortune 500 Company.
• Modernizing technology strategies, slashing operating costs, and creating new business opportunities.
• Rallying IT departments to thrive in fluctuating, disruptive environments, while remaining highly productive.
• Engaging and inspiring diverse audiences at technology and leadership conferences as a speaker & presenter.