Global Blockchain Summit Returns to Colorado Bigger Than Ever

Featuring All-Star Lineup of Blockchain Experts to be Announced Shortly

March 8, 2018 — Global Blockchain Summit, the premiere event featuring global experts on all things Blockchain, Hyperledger, Bitcoin, Ethereum, supply chain, social & humanitarian, and FinTech, announced its fourth annual summit will commence on October 3rd & 4th 2019 Noah’s Events Center in Westminster, just a short drive from downtown Denver.

A core focus of this year’s event is on diversity, equality and women. Previous summit’s featured Carolina Abenante, Founder of NYIAX, Pamela Norton, Founder and CEO of Borsetta, Youngsook Park, Co-Chair of the Global ICO Association and Emily, CMO of ShapeShift AG.

Prior summit’s featured some of the world’s most prominent blockchain and distributed ledger experts, as well as blockchain companies — many of which are headquartered in Colorado. And this year will be no different as we expect to present a strong lineup. Prior summits have featured the following speakers:

  • Hyperledger: David Huseby, Security Maven
  • Evercoin: Miko Matsumura, Co-Founder
  • Tapscott Group: Bob Tapscott, Speaker and Author
  • ShapeShift: Emily, Chief Marketing Officer
  • VMware: Michael DiPetrillo, Senior Director of Blockchain Technologies
  • Integra Ledger: David Berger, CTO
  • Global ICO Association: Youngsook Park, Co-Chair
  • Dragonchain: Eileen Quenin, VP Strategic Partnerships
  • E7 Ventures / David Cohen, Founder
  • Dash: Chuck Williams, Head of UI/UX Development
  • Integra Ledger: David Berger, CTO
  • Government Blockchain Association: Gerard Daché, President
  • IEEE Blockchain: Jason Rupe
  • Colorado Blockchain Capital: Josh Finkleman, Managing Partner
  • Rebel A.I.: Manny Puentes, CEO
  • Colorado Division of Securities: Gerald Rome, Colorado Securities Commissioner
  • Dcntral: James Barry, CTO and Co-Founder
  • Founderbit: Cam Turner, Co-Founder
  • Salt Lending: Gregg Bell, Operations
  • GitCoin: Kevin Owocki, Founder

Previous sponsors of the Global Blockchain Summit were Husch Blackwell, Colorado Blockchain Capital, VMware, and dozens more. Media partners include BTC Media, the first dedicated media outlet for digital currency and publisher of Bitcoin Magazine and The Distributed Ledger, and Cast Influence’s InfluenceNow Podcast.

Summit Details: Thursday, October 3rd & Friday, October 4th 2019

Noah’s Events

11885 Bradburn Blvd, Westminster, CO 80031

Tickets to Global Blockchain Summit are $799 for both days and $499 for one day. Students and government officials can purchase two day passes for $499 total. Attendance is limited to 400 people.

For sponsorship information, please contact About Global Blockchain Summit Global Blockchain Summit is a gathering of experts from around the world sharing knowledge and insights about Blockchain, the breakthrough technology that is poised to change how everyone interacts in the global economy. Vastly beyond cryptocurrencies and ICOs, the underlying distributed ledger technology can support initiatives that enable people to take more direct control of their identity, assets, accounts, and interactions with others. The Global Blockchain Summit is a conference structured in a way that supports meaningful interactions between speakers, experts, participants and entrepreneurs. For more information, please visit or follow us on Twitter @gblockchain1.

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Don’t miss keynote speaker Miko Matsumuro speaking about the Global Blockchain Summit

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