9:45 a.m. - 10:10 a.m.

Blockchain Technology – The Quiet Disruptor!

JP Batra goes beyond the hype and myths, and delves into blockchain’s interworking and it’s transformational effects.

Blockchain technology is young and evolving. It has yet to reach its full potential or maturity. Yet, its adoption has been one of the fastest among other more popular emerging technologies like #AI, #IoT and Machine Learning (#ML).

The World Economic Forum predicts that by year 2025, 10% of the GDP will be affected, or stored on
Blockchain technologies. From Financial Services, Real Estate, Healthcare, Manufacturing,
Agriculture, Retail, to Cybersecurity and others- Blockchain has already disrupted many business

How Blockchain works and what makes it so compelling that it is getting adopted rapidly? What are
the confusion and myths surrounding this technology? How is Blockchain being applied in different
industries like Healthcare, Insurance, Supply Chain and others? And, what are the benefits of using
Blockchain technology?

Attend this session to learn more about this complex technology and its applications in plain English.
Attend to get answers to these questions and get your own questions answered. After attending the
session, we expect that you will walk away with knowledge that may help you stay relevant in this
highly competitive disruptive technologies driven economy.

JP Batra