9:45 AM - 10:10 AM

Blockchain without the Buzz

Developers are looking to build decentralized apps and protocols that take advantage of distributed ledgers, like blockchain and hashgraph, to encourage a secure, more privacy-focused experience. The challenge is, blockchain has inherent limitations – scalability, compliance, and governance to name a few. Let’s talk about how Hedera Hashgraph addresses these to provide you a platform that’s stable and orders of magnitude faster than existing alternatives. In this talk, we’ll review how the hashgraph distributed consensus algorithm works, and cover some of  the exciting things that can be built with the Hedera Cryptocurrency, Smart Contracts, and File Services APIs – like decentralized exchanges, predictive markets, and tokenized assets. We’ll then walkthrough how to build an example application using our Hedera SDKs, and show you the next steps to add these technologies to your toolkit.

Cooper Kunz / Hadera Hashgraph