4:00pm - 4:50pm

Blockchain Mining Panel Discussion – Will Middleton, Arland Whitfield, Thomas Irwin

Will Middleton – Will is the CEO of Cloudy Data Systems a local tech startup focusing on public blockchain security, we are mining. Prior to his current role, Will spent time in the banking industry having originally attended Virginia Tech for a Masters in Accounting and Information Systems. After his time in banking, Will returned to the University of Virginia for a Masters in Data Science. Fusing this new tech centered degree with his banking experience, Will became a blockchain technology and crypto-currency evangelist.

Kyle Herron – Kyle doesn’t want to just build a company, he wants to create a movement.
As a repeat founder, he is focused on catalyzing independence, innovation and entrepreneurship.
Kyle has gotten his hands involved in multiple global initiatives. From being a TED Talk speaker at 18, to working with the Malaysian government’s startup program, to building apps with underserved communities, to helping start more than 50 companies, to even teaching college classes, Kyle continues to support and spread his mission.
He is now taking his progressive approach to tackle three emerging areas: environmental degradation, political instability and technological transformation.
All in all, Kyle shatters any image that may exist of an unmotivated Millennial generation.

Thomas Irwin

Mining - Will Middleton & Kyle Herron