3:20 PM. - 3:55 PM

How Blockchain can improve Rural Economic Development – Granada Cantaloupes or do you mean Rocky Ford Cantaloupes?

Jensen Farms in Rocky Ford Colorado has an E Coli outbreak that kills forty and makes hundreds sick? Did you hear about this? More than likely, but Jensen Farms occurred in Granada Colorado and not Rocky Ford and the two places are over 100 miles apart. However, the impact of this tragedy was felt in both places. This tragedy caused significant economic harm to both communities. In 2019 Rep. Donald Valdez introduced and passed House Bill 1247 so that the Colorado Department of Agriculture will start to look at best practices for blockchain, how it will improve food safety and at the same time be another tool in improving the rural/urban economic divide.
Please join panelists will include:
Colorado State Representative Donald Valdez, Colorado House District 62, Democrat-San Luis
Yev Muchnik, CEO, Launch Legal
James Foy, Business Development-Integrationworx, Founder-Hispanics and Technology
John Walsh