4:30pm - 5:30pm

Miko Matsumara-Afternoon Keynote-Planet Blockchain

Describe the two faces of blockchain–the cryptographic security which enables the exclusion of free riders such as hackers (though obviously not completely) and the cryptographic currency which enables the incentivization of multiple stakeholder groups.

  1. The Bitcoin organization—protocol based, open source and decentralized.
  2. The emergence of a new form of Global Public Utility including CIVIC, FILECOIN, TEZOS and ETHEREUM and other examples
  3. This will enable the decentralization of identity, file systems and many things beyond just financial infrastructure.
  4. Description of a few emerging Global Public Utilities including Global 911 and Global Wif
  5. Problem of decentralized global capital markets including motivating and incentivizing the creators and developers properly as well as other network participants and the other is to stop free riders like hackers, scam artists and just greedy people.
Miko Matsumara / ICO Advisor & Cofounder at Evercoin Cryptocurrency Exchange