Global Blockchain Summit Announces Bob Tapscot

Global Blockchain Summit Announces Bob Tapscot

The Global Blockchain Summit is please to announce, Bob Tapscott , CEO of, author for the Blockchain Research Institute and International Lecturer will be a featured speaker at the Summit in October.

He has recently keynoted conferences on Artificial Intelligence, Fintech, and the Blockchain, in New York, Seoul S. Korea, and India. In 2018, he completed a dozen city speaking tour across North America focusing on current CIO / CTO challenges for HMG Strategy.

More recently, Bob has been an author, adviser, and consultant to SAP on Master Data Management, to JP Morgan on derivatives, VMware on strategy, DIRECTV on social strategy, and to Boeing as the chief designer and architect of their flight management system used worldwide by their and Airbus’s commercial aircraft.

Bob previously served as CIO for Citibank, HSBC and other Schedule II banks in Canada. Bob’s extensive background in successfully developing and implementing disruptive strategies from concept through systems design and implementation, includes the training, organizational restructuring, and workflow redesign required to deliver, measure and improve overall corporate performance and customer satisfaction for his past and present clients.

Bob’s additional and earlier background in high-risk systems such as nuclear power reactor maintenance, flight management systems and Wall Street derivatives, focused on the prudent mitigation of risk. Bob, as a consultant and an advisor to CIOs and CEOs for some of the world’s largest companies, has driven innovations from concept creation to market disruption. As business moves from technology enabled to technology driven, Bob has taken technology and innovation from inspiration to the art of the possible throughout his career in New York, London, and Asia.

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