Juliet Annerino

Founder, ReputationCheck.io

Juliet AnnerinoReputationCheck.io was born of the simple yet strong belief that the innocent need not suffer in order for the powerful to be brought to justice. It is a proprietary platform where Reputation Reports may be entered, shared and distributed freely, securely and – most importantly – anonymously. Once securely entered, Reputation Reports cannot be altered by third parties. All Reputation Reports, once entered, are immutable and uncensorable. To ensure confidentiality of identity, a cryptographic system of zero knowledge proofs (ZKP’s) will be employed on a private blockchain built on the Ethereum protocol.

The utility of Reputation Check may be expanded to include universities*, professional sports teams, the hotel and restaurant industry, police personnel, military personnel†, and other industries, to guard against sexual harassment and abuse.

With ReputationCheck.io we hope to empower individuals worldwide against sexual intimidation, harassment and abuse by those in positions of power. We now see the dawn of new possibilities, through the use of cryptographic blockchain technology and smart contracts, to share important truths, to alert others of danger and to realize justice while protecting the innocent. Welcome to a new standard of ethics via the blockchain.