Rhys Lindmark

Co-Founder, ETHCommons
Presentation Information
ETHCommons: Co-evolving a Humanity-Scale Phase Shift to GameB

Rhys Lindmark is co-leading a humanity-scale phase shift from LateStageCapitalism to GameB. He co-organized ETHDenver, a 1500-person event—the largest Ethereum hackathon to date. He interviews blockchain experts on his podcast, Creating a Humanist Blockchain Future, which has over 30,000 plays. He also co-founded ETHCommons: an initiative to catalyze cross-project collaboration in the Ethereum community. He’s a speaker and moderator on topics like complex system dynamics, community, and social impact. Before his career in crypto, he went through Techstars in 2015 as the co-founder and CTO of Edify.