Pamela Norton

CEO/Founder, Borsetta

Pamela Norton-Shelpuk is the Founder & CEO of Borsetta, an eco-lux jewelry platform first to certify cultivated diamonds and fine jewelry leveraging the blockchain technology based ledger known as Borsetta. The vision of Borsetta, is to provide the highest level of confidence for consumers, designers, retailers and private label partners with immutable , eco-transparent certification standards for the jewelry industry and the emerging FASH|Tech market, of which Pamela is a recognized pioneer.

Prior to launching the Liberti eco-lux jewelry brand, Pamela founded Activate, a strategic marketing company specializing in launching emerging technologies and services. Activate built out branding strategies leveraging the intellectual property “Activate Purpose”, a conscious commerce business model, which sought to combine profitability and impact to the greater good goals.

Pamela is also a pioneer in the development and launching of early stage disruptive technologies that create new and better services for consumers and businesses in the healthcare, telecommunications, transportation, fashion and e-commerce sectors . Her clients ranged from emerging brands to Fortune 500 companies including United Airlines, IBM, AT&T and American Express. In 1999, Pamela co-founded an Internet access service for airports and other transportation hubs, which was acquired by a European communications conglomerate in 2001.

Pamela serves as an Advisory Board member for Colorado Succeeds, Naya Life Foundation, Women In Blockchain and a founding Activator for SheEO. Pamela holds a BS degree in International Business from Regis University and spent several years studying International Relations at Sophia University in Tokyo, Japan. She loves sushi, Jane Austen (and “The Economist”), Colorado hiking, and globetrotting the world with her two children and husband cheerfully endorsing the expanded use of cryptocurrencies.